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Peaceful Revolutionist: contents

The Peaceful Revolutionist: Contents
[Monthly; Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1833)-v. 1, no. 4 (Apr. 5, 1833); v. 2, no. 1 (May 1848).]

Volume 1 No. 1: January, 1833

Volume 1 No. 2: February 5, 1833
5. Surrounding Circumstances
6 (?): Of Our State Difficulties (J.W.)
6: Principles and Progress of an Experiment of Rational Social Intercourse Continued
7: Written on Hearing Unwelcome News (poem: J.W.)
Progress of Equal Exchange in England
8: Society as it Is: The Causes of Its Evils, and the Practical Applications of the Proposed Remedies
"Themistocles said..."
A General Convention of the States
"The two first numbers of this paper..."

Volume 1 No. 3: March 1833

Volume 1., No. 4: April 5, 1833
13: Individuality (Ed. P. R.)
13: Cure for the Ague (Ed.)
14: From an English paper. Glorious Uncertainty of the Law.
The Utica Co-Operator
Principles and Progress -- of an Experiment of Rational Social Intercourse (J.W.)
15: To the Readers of the Free Enquirer
Society as it Is
The Western Courier
16: Moral Philosophy: According to Paley
Moral Philosophy According to Truth
Education by Legislation
To Subscribers
Perhaps there has been too much repetition (Ed. P.R.)

Volume 2, Number 1: May 1848
Utopia, May, 1848
Untitled piece ("This paper may be considered the continuation of the Peaceful Revolutionist of 1833, of the Gazette of Equitable Commerce"and of the "Problem Solved" of 1846.")
2: To James Bayliss (J. Warren)
10: Mr. Editor (E.G. Cubberley)
11: Progress (Ed.)
12: Signs of Returning Reason
Revolution (Ed.)
13: Encouragement: (A Young Mechanic)
To J.H.L.: A Word on Originality &c. (J.W.)
15: Information
16: To Correspondents
Terms (Josiah Warren, Editor and publisher)
"I make no apologies" (J.W.)


Magdalena said...

Except of Indiana Historical Society and the parts that are published by Crispin Sartwell, do you know where I can find the full text of Peaceful Revolutionist? I desperately searching for them.

Shawn P. Wilbur said...

My notes were actually from Crispin. Worldcat shows 1:2 and 1:4 at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. 1:2 is also at the Indiana State Historical Society. 2:1 is at Yale. The Labadie Collection at U. Michigan lists it, but I don't see clear holding information. And I have posted the "Brief Outline of Equitable Commerce," from the 1848 "extra" online.

Magdalena said...

I was afraid such reply. I have already checked the worldcat. I was hoping that they exist version in microform. None of libraries that you mentioned will send the via interlibrary loan. So I need to plan the trip to Yale for next summer. But thank you so much for your reply. I am working on book about Warren in Poland, and still missing some materials.