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State Of Things in 1833 [on the Peaceful Revolutionist]

"State Of Things in 1833," Reformer and Christian, 13, 3 (Apr 1833), 34.


A paper has been commenced in Cincinnati, Ohio, entitled "The Peaceful Revolutionist." The following extract will serve to show the views of the editor.

“The present state of society, whether we look at home or abroad, is that of general agitation and confusion.

“Confidence in Legislators is rapidly diminishing.

“Every government in the civilized world is tottering: and society like a ship in a dark tom pest is torn and tossed by contending elements—the power of men at the helm sinks into the weakness of babes—our shattered fabric is no longer manageable, and we are evidently drifting towards same unknown destination.

“From one end of society to the other we hear the clash of revolution, and the watchword is Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! There is a chord in every human breast that vibrates with the sacred sound, but alas! only with the sound.

“Where is liberty in practice?—Where is it understood? Where does any organization of society permit its existence?

“Revolution has succeeded revolution; change succeeded change; age has succeeded age in struggles for Liberty. Liberty! has been the battle cry, and Liberty! the last sound that hung upon the dying martyr’s lips—yet, liberty still is but a sound.

“It refers to no condition in civilized life; it has no archetype in society: but like sweet music in the death of night, it bursts upon the car, and enchants the soul only to die away, leaving us nothing but the memory of a departed sound.

"But, Liberty is the vital principle of human happiness, and human nature seeks its level; and society can never knout peace until its members know Liberty.

“But it can never be realised under any organization of society now known to us—nor can it be attained upon any of the principles upon which society is now acting.

“Whether the theories of society are ever to be put in practice—whether justice is ever to take up its abode among us—whether Liberty is ever to be understood and enjoyed in society, are questions which yet remain to be determined.”

Remarks on the foregoing.

The only government that can establish liberty on a true basis, and render mankind happy, is that of the stone mentioned in Daniel, cut out without hands. This government will ere long begin, and will break in pieces and consume all other kingdoms, and stand forever. The turmoils and commotions that are now beginning in the world, will prepare the way for that divine government which will be without any imperfection, and extend over the whole earth.

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